Three Prong Approach


At Micron we utilize innovative cleaning methods to disinfect businesses, schools, and homes. Our “Three Prong Approach” ensures a process of continual care and peace of mind for our clients. This process consists of “electrostatic flogging,” “ULV (ultra low volume) flogging,” and “surface spraying.” The ideal disinfection plan for your space may include all or some of these methods.

“Electrostatic flogging” is our fastest method of disinfection. Through this process a disinfection solution is broken down into very small droplets which form a mist that has been atomized so that it sticks to surfaces. This method is ideal for areas with sensitive equipment. To ensure effectiveness and safety, humans and animals must be cleared from the area being flogged. This process also requires full PPE (personal protective equipment) to be worn by technicians.

Another disinfection technique utilized at Micron is “ULV (ultra low volume) flogging.” This method is similar to “electrostatic flogging” except the solution is not atomized. After technicians (in PPE) spray the area, the mist is left to sit for 10 minutes. Finally, the space must be aired out for 20 minutes before it can be occupied by people or animals.

The third disinfection method is “surface spraying.” It is just as simple as it sounds. A disinfectant is sprayed and left to dwell for 10 minutes. Over that time period the substance kills any harmful viruses or pathogens. There is no need to wipe down surfaces after they are sprayed with this solution. The disinfectant is food-contact safe and non-irritating to people and animals. Unlike “electrostatic” and “ULV” flogging, no PPE (personal protective equipment) is required for technicians and the space can be occupied while the solution is being sprayed. This method is ideal for spaces that cannot be closed or completely vacated.

At Micron we implement a trusted system that is vetted by experts in infection prevention and control. Our knowledge of disinfection solutions gives our clients confidence in our ability to keep their work places safe. Feel free to contact us so we can see which approach is best for your home or workplace.

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