The Importance of Electrostatic Spraying


Electrostatic disinfection is the most effective way for businesses to protect patrons from the potential spread of disease. What separates this method from traditional techniques is its ability to disinfect hidden surfaces. This is crucial for businesses – like restaurants – which have several touchable surfaces that have a high rate of contact.

Electrostatic disinfection begins with a specially designed solution that passes through the electrostatic sprayer and is given a negative charge. This negative charge causes the particles in the disinfectant to repel each other and spread more evenly, while simultaneously being attracted to nearby surfaces. This attraction causes the spray to coat surfaces evenly and reach every small corner.

Given the prevalence of COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses, electrostatic disinfection is essential for any business that seeks to keep their customers safe from the potential spread of disease. Through utilizing Micron’s electrostatic disinfection services you will find comfort in knowing that every surface within your Los Angeles and New York property has been cleaned of any harmful bacteria.

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