The Chemicals are Key


At Micron we understand the importance of utilizing compounds that have the strength to neutralize bacteria without causing any harm to the surfaces we are disinfecting. The disinfectant we use for fogging is infused with chlorine dioxide which is is noncorrosive. This makes it ideal for use on not only sensitive objects like computers and televisions, but also cars and boats.

We want our clients to feel safe when using our products. Therefore, we do not use bleach in our chemical disinfectant. Instead, our substance breaks down into a simple salt and does not emit harmful by-products into the environment. Not only is the chemical safe for food contact; it does not need to be rinsed with water after it dwells and does not irritate skin.

At Micron we understand that if you choose us you expect the disinfected area to be in better condition than it was before we got to it. With you in mind we utilize a non-ionic product that does not break down acid dye blockers in fiber which are designed to preserve the color of fabrics. Our product is safe for synthetic carper fibers such as nylon and olefin (or polypropylene). However, the chemical we use is not intended for wool. Not only does it disinfect, it is also highly effective for removing urine and smoke odors.

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