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Another industry heavily affected by the coronavirus pandemic has been the sports industry. For example, given the impact the NFL has around the world, the league was determined to conduct a full season in the healthiest way possible. Some of the measures that were obvious to those viewing the games was the limited stadium seating designed to maintain social distancing guidelines amongst fans. Another measure that could be easily seen was the masks being worn by coaches, referees, and players who were on the sideline. These procedures played an important role in achieving a degree of health and safety that would keep the season from being suspended or cancelled.

However, football is a visceral contact sport in which social distancing guidelines would be nearly impossible to implement within the game itself. Furthermore, NFL health and safety protocols did not require players to wear protective masks while performing on the field. Therefore, a lot of work had to be done behind the scenes to insure that players, coaches, and staff members were limiting their chances of infection throughout the weeks leading up to game-days.

This is where the innovative techniques of Micron Disinfection came into play. We had the pleasure of partnering with the Los Angeles Chargers to ensure that their facilities did not become a “hot-bed” for the coronavirus. With hundreds of people coming in and out of the practice buildings and offices on a daily basis, we had to work around the clock to insure that all surfaces were being thoroughly disinfected and monitored. We traveled with the team for away games and ensured hotels were disinfected up to our standards and to ensure he safety of everyone involved. We worked hand-in hand with the Infection Control Officer for the LA Chargers: Catherine Iste. Here’s what she had to say…

LA Chargers Testimonial Video

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