Micron's President and Co-Founder, Josh Wilson


Josh Wilson is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, President, and Cofounder of Micron Disinfection. Last year he co-founded Micron Disinfection. Over the past year his ownership group and coworkers have set the new industry standard for comprehensive disinfection.

Prior to cofounding Micron, Wilson enjoyed a successful career as a Senior Project Manager for large firms like Ikea and McDonalds. He is a visionary leader who possesses over twenty years of experience in Project Management, Customer Service, and Business Development.

Last summer Wilson sat down with the hosts for “The South Bay Show” on blogtalkradio.com to discuss Micron’s role amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. “Education and first responders were the first folks we approached. When we talk about kids, [and]these brave men and women who are risking their lives every day for us, [protecting them] is the most important thing.” This speaks to the company’s level of commitment to creating safer and healthier spaces across southern California. Micron prides itself on ensuring that its resources are as widely available to the community as possible. Josh Wilson’s leadership has been instrumental in building industry-leading comprehensive Infection Protection.

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