Micron's Impact on the Film Industry


At Micron Disinfection our purpose is to create a healthy environment for your workplace or home. It is a source of pride for us to be a “wellness pioneer” amongst every community that utilizes our services. We follow EPA guidelines and use only the best chemicals that are both EPA-approved and environmentally friendly. Over the past several months Micron has been helping clients stay calm as they navigate the safest way to reopen and remain healthy amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

The film industry has been a sector of business prominently impacted by Covid-19. Unlike most office jobs: many directors, actors, and producers do not have the luxury of being able to work from home. Instead, these individuals rely on face-to face interactions in order to create the content that is helping millions of people stay entertained during this difficult time. Several content providers rely on our disinfection services to keep their sets clean, healthy, and Covid-free. We take these tasks very seriously because we know that in order for our clients to deliver their best work, they have to be healthy.

Our innovative surface disinfection and air purifying technologies allow us to be the industry standard. Trusted partners like Netflix, HBO, and Apple TV are confident in our ability to be the barrier between health and sickness. Micron is the first disinfection company in the entertainment industry that combines science-based solutions for both surface and air cleaning, with real-time air quality monitoring systems, so your production can keep working safely.

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