Real Estate Disinfection in Malibu, CA: Electrostatic Spraying, Sanitation, & Cleaning Services

Showing off real estate can see multiple interested parties coming in and out of your Malibu property in a single day, creating a hotbed pertaining to bacteria and viruses to breed. It’s important to consistently keep the real estate if you’re showing clean for each new day. Traditional ways of sanitizing can make this an insurmountable job, yet with sanitation and disinfection solutions from Micron Disinfection, the job could be simpler than ever. By using the electrostatic sprayers, we can effectively neutralize most bacteria within your Malibu property very quickly, meaning you can book more showings safely.

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Electrostatic Sprayers Help Keep Your Malibu Property Safe With Ease

With technology developed in conjunction with LAX, our electrostatic disinfection providers allow for easy and complete cleaning. Utilizing Super Low Volume (ULV) fogging, each electrostatic sprayer applies a charge to your choice of disinfectant. The particles are then dispersed in a broad radius due to ULV, as well as the disinfectant sticks directly to any kind of surface without a charge — almost every inch of a property. This means you may disinfect your Malibu property with up to 99.99 percent precision in minutes because the ULV fogging gets to every single nook and cranny without you breaking a sweat.

Maintain a Healthy Environment With Electrostatic Disinfection in Malibu

Receiving sanitation services from an expert disinfection company is a simple and effective method of keeping your leasing properties safe and sound for every new display. At Micron Disinfection, the electrostatic disinfection all of us use works fast, allowing for extensive sanitation among showings. You can expect full services provided by the expert Malibu contractors, or electrostatic sprayer accommodations to allow you the convenience to clean whenever you need it. What’s even more, each of our services is offered at a reasonable price so that you can keep showing properties securely without spending a fortune.

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An Expert Malibu Disinfection Business to Keep You & Your Customers Safe

In Micron Disinfection, your security is our primary concern. Each of our Malibu contractors is highly trained and equipped with the latest protective equipment, permitting them to manage at-risk areas with ease. As one of the leading disinfection businesses, we lead the way with superior service and comprehensive pricing. No matter the extent of the sanitation provider, you will obtain professional treatment and reasonable prices. With our skilled Malibu team and fast-acting disinfecting technique, your Malibu property will be ready for any and all showings.

Renowned Malibu, CA Professionals Offering Comprehensive Disinfectant Service

Because disinfectant service is the core of our business, we know every aspect of successful and efficient disinfection. At Micron Disinfection, we achieve industry-leading results by utilizing EPA-certified hospital grade disinfectants along with products approved against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Our extensive communications package also includes hang tags, window signs, and even professionally produced videos for use across your websites and social media platforms. With an expert staff, state of the art equipment, and continual training, we can successfully disinfect any Malibu, CA property with exceptional care.

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