Disinfection Services in Malibu, CA: Electrostatic Spraying, ULV Fogging, Trauma Cleanup, & Other Cleaning Services

When you contact Micron Disinfection, you know you are getting the best sanitation services available in Malibu. We specialize in ULV fogging, and electrostatic spray disinfecting services, all of which are at the cutting edge of sanitation practices. Our team also handles more difficult cleaning tasks like COVID-19 disinfection and trauma cleanup. Whatever your needs are, with Micron Disinfection, you can be sure your Malibu property is protected from any harmful bacteria and germs.

Coronavirus Pandemic. A disinfector in a protective suit and mask sprays disinfectants in house or office. Protection agsinst COVID-19 disease. Prevention of spreding pneumonia virus with surfaces.

Full Service Disinfection Services for Malibu Citizens

With the ever-present risk of infection, protect yourself and your property with sanitation services from Micron Disinfection. We offer quality sanitation in Malibu using the most highly rated and modern disinfection processes, such as ULV fogging. ULV fogging uses high pressure to produce a fine mist that thoroughly coats all available surfaces without overapplication. Another option is electrostatic spray disinfection service. Electrostatic spray statically charges the disinfectant, causing it to repel from itself and dissipate evenly, as well as attracting to nearby surfaces. This method is excellent, intended to ensure every corner of your Malibu property is safe from hidden disease.

Keep Your Malibu Property Safe From COVID-19

If someone has tested positive for COVID-19 and recently came in contact with your Malibu property, acquiring cleaning support quickly is essential to secure your safety. By having your property professionally cleaned, you are doing your part to help prevent the spread of this sickness. By utilizing methods like ULV fogging and electrostatic spraying, disinfection is completed at the best level. Dealing with an exposed member of your group is enough of a burden, so let Micron Disinfection handle making your Malibu property safe again.

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Professional Trauma Cleanup Service in Malibu

Following a traumatic injury or death, there are many difficult things for you to take care of, therefore let us take some of the burden off your back. Without specialized cleaning, there is a risk of biohazard contamination. Our staff in Malibu will quickly and respectfully clean your premises and restore any kind of mess. After we have finished, your space will be good as new, and you can have confidence it will be free of any dangerous material.

Renowned Malibu, CA Professionals Offering Comprehensive Disinfectant Service

Because disinfectant service is the core of our business, we know every aspect of successful and efficient disinfection. At Micron Disinfection, we achieve industry-leading results by utilizing EPA-certified hospital grade disinfectants along with products approved against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Our extensive communications package also includes hang tags, window signs, and even professionally produced videos for use across your websites and social media platforms. With an expert staff, state of the art equipment, and continual training, we can successfully disinfect any Malibu, CA property with exceptional care.

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