Commercial Disinfection in Los Angeles, CA: Electrostatic Spraying, Sanitation, & Cleaning Services for Commercial Areas

Running an entertainment complex in Los Angeles is difficult enough without having to worry about disinfection. With the vast amount of space, equipment, and seating, hand cleaning is an unrealistic task. That's where hiring an LA disinfection company to provide electrostatic spraying can save you time and money. With Micron Disinfection, you can receive complete sanitation with our electrostatic disinfectors. The charged mist allows cleaners to access difficult areas for quick 360 degree, touchless cleaning. For fast and effective sanitation services that will clean every inch of your Los Angeles property in no time, call our offices today.

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How Electrostatic Spraying Disinfects Your LA Entertainment Center

While traditional methods of cleaning are adequate at disinfecting an area, the time and effort required for complete coverage are unreasonable. Plus, many virus and bacterial colonies thrive in difficult to reach areas, making cleaning by hand even less effective. But by utilizing an electrostatic spraying method, a statically charged mist is dispersed evenly across surfaces, reaching all nooks and crannies that a traditional disinfection company might miss. The charged particles stick to neutral surfaces around your Los Angeles property, allowing disinfecting agents to provide the cleaning you need.

Achieve Full Disinfection with a Premier Los Angeles Disinfection Company

Electrostatic disinfecting is a far more effective and convenient way to clean your area compared to traditional options. Our LA team at Micron Disinfection provides total coverage utilizing Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging that disperses the disinfectant quickly and efficiently. Our electrostatic disinfecting method was developed in tandem with LAX to keep travelers safe by disinfecting surfaces with 99.99 percent accuracy. For a fast and proven method to clean and keep your Los Angeles entertainment complex safe, Micron Disinfection's sanitation services can't be beaten.

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Renowned Los Angeles Professionals Offering Comprehensive Service

Because infection prevention service is the core of our business, we know every aspect of successful and efficient disinfection. At Micron Disinfection, we achieve industry-leading results by utilizing EPA-certified hospital grade disinfectants along with products approved against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Our extensive communications package also includes hang tags, window signs, and even professionally produced videos for use for use across your website and social media platforms to successfully communicate your mitigation efforts to co-workers and clients.

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