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We are proud to be a Woman Owned Business, and our team is comprised mostly of native Angelenos – people who were born and raised right here in LA. We love this city and have been heartbroken by the events of this year. We started Micron for one reason, to help our neighbors stay safe and do our small part to get LA running again, and to keep it running. We know you have more questions so keep reading below or give us a call.

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Because infection prevention service is the core of our business, we know every aspect of successful and efficient disinfection. At Micron Disinfection, we achieve industry-leading results by utilizing EPA-certified hospital grade disinfectants along with products approved against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. Our extensive communications package also includes hang tags, window signs, and even professionally produced videos for use for use across your website and social media platforms to successfully communicate your mitigation efforts to co-workers and clients.

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